Cover, PASGT Helmet Woodland/BDU Sticker, Confederate, Vinyl Multicam Boonie Cap
Sticker, 4X6-inch Vinyl
Our Price: $2.00




We're angry about all the controversy over the flag.

However you feel about the flag, we all know that this is NOT about the flag. It’s part of the continuous attack on American values of celebrating and tolerating differences of opinions.

We decided to sell some of these evil flags. Wholesale prices have gone through the roof and even then, they are hard to find. Well, we got some made for us! The stickers are in and the flags come in next week. 4x6-inch vinyl stickers great for the car, house windows, the office, you name it. Good adhesive on the back to stick where you put it.
Unlike the folks we see at shows and such, we’re not pricing these to fund our retirement plan. They are priced to get out to folks that want them.

Only $2 each; pack of 10 for $15; FREE SHIPPING!

Quantity DiscountPriceSavings!
100 (Best Savings!)$45$155
Official Name: Sun Hat, but known far & wide as the 'boonie cap'!


First Aid Kit, OD Boot Socks, Antimicrobial, USOA Gloves, Intermediate Cold/Wet Weather

This is the real USGI individual first aid kit, also called the jungle first aid kit. There were many versions of this over the years,most of these were done on a 2003 contract and spec.

They include the basic field dressings, gauze, cravat bandage and two empty pill bottles you fill with the meds to suit your needs and circumstances, with room left inside for more items if you wish. These kits make a perfect base kit to make your for hunting, hiking and more.

Comes with the waterproof case, and pouch holder for the case. List of ingredients are in the photos

NSNs for case & pouch:

The anti-microbial military boot sock, made to USOA specs, is 82% cotton, 2.5% silver plaited nylon, 10% nylon, 5.5% spandex. The silver fiber incorporated in this sock is a broad spectrum anti-microbial yarn that actually touches the skin, kills bacteria on contact, helps eliminate foot odor, offers enhanced blister resistance, moisture transportation, temperature management, and anti-static features.
Three pairs to a pack.
Small (9-11), Medium (10-13), and Large (13-15)

Made to wear with or without a liner. They are made to resist wet conditions as they are Gore-Tex & Thinsulate insulation. They feature a full leather outer shell, a double-knit cuff, microfiber insulation, adjustable wrist straps

Glove Sizing:

Flatten your hand and measure around your knuckles (DO NOT include thumb). Pull tape snug, but not tight. If you're on the lower-end of a size, and want a closer fit, order one size smaller. If you're on the upper-end of a size, and want a looser fit, order one size larger.

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Jacket, Flyer's, Cold Weather, Tan
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