Gloves, Intermediate Cold/Wet Weather First Aid Kit, OD Condor Sentry Vest & Pair of Version 2 Patriot Plates
Made by Ansell Hawkeye

Quilted polyester insulation, liner and fleece wrist cuffs provide thermal protection
GORE-TEX® insert keeps insulation dry, prevents heat loss and protects against sand, rain, snow and ice, which increases the ability to operate in harsh conditions for longer periods
Breathable GORE-TEX® insert allows perspiration to escape so hands stay drier, more comfortable and less susceptible to blistering
Four-way stretch nylon on back of hand and curved fingers improve dexterity and ergonomics
Liner is specially designed to enhance trigger finger flexibility and overall dexterity for operating combat zone vehicles and equipment
Goatskin on palms and fingers provides protection from cuts and punctures, as well as durability to withstand heavy-duty activities
GORE-TEX® insert adds penetration resistance to JP-8 and other Petroleum/Oils/Lubricants (POLs); as well as DEET
Soft, nose-wipe patch on the back of the hand/first-knuckle


Glove Sizing:

Flatten your hand and measure around your knuckles (DO NOT include thumb). Pull tape snug, but not tight. If you're on the lower-end of a size, and want a closer fit, order one size smaller. If you're on the upper-end of a size, and want a looser fit, order one size larger.

This is the real USGI individual first aid kit, also called the jungle first aid kit. There were many versions of this over the years,most of these were done on a 2003 contract and spec.

They include the basic field dressings, gauze, cravat bandage and two empty pill bottles you fill with the meds to suit your needs and circumstances, with room left inside for more items if you wish. These kits make a perfect base kit to make your for hunting, hiking and more.

Comes with the waterproof case, and pouch holder for the case. List of ingredients are in the photos

NSNs for case & pouch:

Condor Sentry is a more "minimal" carrier.

Easier to conceal and wear under gear. More padding on shoulders.

Weight with Patriot plates, Version 2, is less than 14 lbs.

Choose from Olive Drab, Tan, Black, or Multicam!
Waist Size: 30" - 46" Adjustable

Patriot Plate 2!

It’s in the Ultra High Hardness category and is so hard that it is off the Brinell scale!

It is a plate that stops more; we can’t say NIJ level III yet because we haven’t gotten certification from the NIJ yet. But, we have had it tested by HB White laboratories (one of the better testing agencies) and it stops 7.62x51 NATO Ball, and M193 bullets!

It’s thinner and it’s lighter, than the original Patriot Plate. The 10x12 plate weighs 6 pounds, 5 ounces!

Notice the curve on the bottom of the plate. This is something that will eventually be added to all of our plates. Experience with them with frequent use has showed us that the corners can cut the plate carrier. This applies to “heavy” users, but we’re still going to round the corners to aid in preventing this.

Ordering "1" means ordering a PAIR of Patriot Plates, Version II. Will be shipped via USPS flat rate, to hold down costs to you.

* By purchasing, you agree to all terms and conditions.

Gloves, Flyer's, Nomex Sticker, Confederate, Vinyl Packed MC1-1B-Main Parachute with T-10 Reserve
Sticker, 4X6-inch Vinyl
Our Price: $2.00
Genuine Military Masley Gloves with Goretex
Color: Foliage Green



Glove Sizing:

Flatten your hand and measure around your knuckles (DO NOT include thumb). Pull tape snug, but not tight. If you're on the lower-end of a size, and want a closer fit, order one size smaller. If you're on the upper-end of a size, and want a looser fit, order one size larger.

































We're angry about all the controversy over the flag.

However you feel about the flag, we all know that this is NOT about the flag. It’s part of the continuous attack on American values of celebrating and tolerating differences of opinions.

We decided to sell some of these evil flags. Wholesale prices have gone through the roof and even then, they are hard to find. Well, we got some made for us! The stickers are in and the flags come in next week. 4x6-inch vinyl stickers great for the car, house windows, the office, you name it. Good adhesive on the back to stick where you put it.
Unlike the folks we see at shows and such, we’re not pricing these to fund our retirement plan. They are priced to get out to folks that want them.

Only $2 each; pack of 10 for $15; FREE SHIPPING!

Quantity DiscountPriceSavings!
100 (Best Savings!)$45$155
Perfect for the Cold War Collector and Reinactor/Demonstration Clubs!
A Complete and Packed MC1-1B Main Parachute and a T-10 Reserve Parachute!
BOTH packed with Log Books from MacDill AFB in Florida!
These aren’t demilled. They are still just as they were packed at MacDill!
We don’t suggest that you use them as parachutes until you have them checked by a certified rigger.
We’ve seen the MC1-1B chutes UNPACKED for as much as a $1000. UNPACKED T-10 reserves sell for as much as $350!

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Helmet, ACH, Olive Drab, Combat,

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Helmet, Advanced Combat, ACH, Olive Drab
ACH Helmet, Olive Drab, Multiple Manufacturers. Used/Excellent condition.


Some have black straps, some have green straps. All have green pads.

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