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Arctic Canteen, Cup, & Cover, New Condition Army Infantry Shoulder Cord Boy Scout Plate
If extreme cold temperatures are a factor, don’t be without this top quality arctic canteen bought straight from Uncle Sam. To keep your cold drink cold and your hot drink hot, this canteen was designed with an insulating air chamber between double wall construction. Take it along ice fishing, snowmobiling, on extreme cold weather expeditions, etc. Features a rugged stainless steel inner lining and a durable aluminum shell. Also has a rubber suction lid with nylon connecting cord, stainless cup with butterfly handles, and a canvas cover with belt clips. Canteen fits into cup as one compact unit. Holds approx. 32 oz. Unused.

Canteens are new; cups & covers are mixed conditions.

Canteen Cup French Fourragere WWII Lanyard French Fourragere WWII Lanyard
.This is the same genuine US Military Canteen Cup that has been issued to our troops in the military.
It's designed to fit most standard canteens and houses the US Military Genuine Issue Stove I and Stove II for a perfect fit in our canteen covers. It is also the only cup that will correctly house the Heavy Cover Boil Lid as it was meant to be used, and will fit perfectly in the Grilltop Stove.
This Genuine Military Issue Canteen Cup is made of heavy gauge stainless steel and utilizes the new "butterfly style" folding handles.
NSN 8465-00-165-6838

M16 AR15 Firing Adapter M16 AR15 Firing Adapter M4 Carbine Blank Firing Adapter

NSN 1005-00-118-6192

NSN 1005-00-118-6192

NSN 1005-01-361-8208

M4 Carbine Blank Firing Adapter M4 Carbine Rail Adapter System (RAS) NVG Bracket, Lever

NSN 1005-01-361-8208

Knights Armament Company (KAC) M4 Carbine Rail Adapter System (RAS)
As issued to US troops for the M4 and M4A1 carbines. The M4 Carbine RAS converts AR-15, M4, M4A1 carbines with Mil-Spec M4 profile (.840" diameter) barrels into the MWS (Modular Weapon System) configurations.
Installs without special gun smithing tools. Includes multiple Rib panels and Foregrip.
Rail Adapter System fits under Contour Barrel GI/MIL SPEC Barrel.
Length: 6 5/8" Weight: 11.6 oz
P/N: 98064 - Rail
P/N: 12973095 - Kit

NSN 5340-01-509-1467. Black or tan. Note: Unless specified in your order, we choose the color.

Sticker, Confederate, Vinyl, Flag Sticker, Confederate, Vinyl
Pack of 10 Vinyl Stickers
Our Price: $11.99
Plastimo Miniflare Kit
Our Price: $55.00

Sticker, 4X6-inch Vinyl
Our Price: $1.99

Most of you know our business model of providing quality stuff at reasonable prices. We look for things that are so incredibly overpriced and try to figure out how to do it cheaper.

You’ve seen our comments of the Confederate Battle Flag. What a dumb thing to get angry over. But, lots of folks emerged from the woodwork and started charging people tons of money, taking advantage. We’re not normally in the flag business, but we figured maybe there was a way to help out folks that wanted them. So we found some cheaper sources.

Get a pack of 10 vinyl stickers!

(if you want to buy in quantities, email us for a price)

Being told that the US Navy is buying these pen flares from a company called Plastimo. The kit is a very water tight setup that holds eight flares and the launcher!

Plastimo is based in England and seems to have a great reputation with the yacht/ship/boat business. They sell these kits in England and Europe for almost $100. Actually I think they are probably worth it.
Waterproof case
Very small, compact case

We're angry about all the controversy over the flag.

However you feel about the flag, we all know that this is NOT about the flag. It’s part of the continuous attack on American values of celebrating and tolerating differences of opinions.

We decided to sell some of these evil flags. Wholesale prices have gone through the roof and even then, they are hard to find. Well, we got some made for us! The stickers are in and the flags come in next week. 4x6-inch vinyl stickers great for the car, house windows, the office, you name it. Good adhesive on the back to stick where you put it.
Unlike the folks we see at shows and such, we’re not pricing these to fund our retirement plan. They are priced to get out to folks that want them.

Only $2 each; pack of 10 for $15; FREE SHIPPING!

Quantity DiscountPriceSavings!
100 (Best Savings!)$45$155